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Order Odds Wizard v2.60 "Live Magic"

Registered version is able to compute ratings and odds in leagues with as many as 1024 teams, process up to 26 independent events in Stake Wizard 4 tool, update leagues via Internet, and export odds to Excel files.

Registration fee for a full power of Odds Wizard v2.60 is US $74.95. This fee includes one year subscription. Further annual service renewal fee is $24.95.

There are also other options, including one month subscription for $24.95 (evaluation), half year subscription for $49.95, two years subscription for $99.95, five years subscription for $149.95, and unlimited subscription for $199.95.

Registered users are entitled to upgrade to all further versions of this software free of charge.

Order links for Odds Wizard v2.55 "Live Magic"

Note: Half year, one year (except of recurring), two years, and five years subscriptions will not be renewed automatically. These startup options are convenient for those who require certain time to appreciate the software. Use standalone product

for their renewal for $24.95.

Note: One month subscription is intended for evaluation only. It does not imply further next year renewal, and therefore requires subsequent order of any startup product starting from the half year subscription.

Note: Payment is accomplished on a secure web site which is encrypting all transmitted credit card and the customer's data according to secure HTTPS protocol.

Payment options include:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Bank/wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • AliPay
  • International Payment Solutions (IPS)
  • Cheques/Money order
  • Purchase order
  • Fax-Credit card
In case of payment other than by credit/debit card, registrant is immediately supplied with the further instructions by email.

Registration key is promptly (within 24 hours) sent out by email.

Shareware version

Shareware version of Odds Wizard is fully functional, however it is designedly limited to manage leagues with up to 16 teams (several soccer and hockey leagues fit into this), and to process up to 3 events in Stake Wizard 4 tool.

Welcome back offer for the ever registered users

Users who failed to renew subscription for Odds Wizard for some reason in the past are welcome back.

If the last active subscription day is not older than one year, user is still entitled to renew subscription for the latest version for the next year for $24.95 here. This means that temporary (up to one year) termination of subscription is possible without special notification from the subscriber.


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